Sunset Temple of ECK
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New Orleans

How God Speaks to Us

     The Creator, the Highest Being, speaks to creation through the Holy Spirit, the ECK. This voice of divine love is very real. Those who enter the higher reaches of heaven here and now in their states of consciousness see the holy Light and Sound of God clearly in everyday life. The Light and Sound are God's way to communicate directly with us. They help develop our creativity, which makes us godlike.

     Showers of love rain down upon us simply because we are Soul, a divine spark of God. Its Voice, which showers the love, is the pure Light and Sound.

     Most people are unaware of this spiritual gift. Indeed, they respond to the Light and Sound of God indirectly by listening to their intuition, trusting their feelings, or following their conscience. But others do see the Light directly; It often appears before the Sound. They are two parts of the Voice of God, the ECK, which speaks to all whose spiritual eyes can see the mysteries of divine love.

––Harold Klemp, The Living Word Book 2, pp. 112-113

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