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What Can I Learn from Past Lives

     During my first years in ECK, I had the good fortune to experience many past-life recalls. Some were pleasant. There were also a number of unpleasant ones, recalls of lost opportunities in reaching some desired goal. Not memories to celebrate in the least.

     Yet each lifetime, even a supposed failure, gives a fuller understanding about your spiritual nature. You learn about yourself as a spiritual being.

     Soul is immortal. It has no beginning or end. It (you) exists because of God's love for It, which is the whole philosophy of Eckankar in a nutshell. Our mistakes in this and past lifetimes are the polishings of a precious gem in the rough.

     The definition in Eckankar of Soul as an immortal being is a valid one. Soul, created in the timeless worlds, existed before birth and endures beyond time and space. God made Soul before the worlds of time and space began. Soul, comes to earth from the higher spiritual worlds to add to Its experiences. It inherits many lifetimes for the chance to learn.

     And learn It must.

–Harold Klemp, Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, pp. 23-24

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