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Finding the Divine in Unexpected Places

     What a rare thing awareness is. We can be aware of all the great things in life, but if it gets down to my wifeís clothing, I donít know what color she put on today.

     Itís like this, too, with Godís love. It is so commonplace we take it for granted, even though when we get up in the morning, we say, "Iím going to be aware of all Godís blessings today." But we donít get more than five minutes into our day before weíve already overlooked at least two, three, four blessings of the most obvious kind.

     What about the fact of being able to breathe and walk and think? To be able to move your hand when your mind says, "Pick up the spoon, and start eating the cereal?" We take all these little blessings for granted. Until there comes a time in our life when we lose the ability to do some of these things. And then, all of a sudden, life becomes very dear.

     These blessings of God become more real to us because now we are aware of them. And how did we become aware of them? Usually through some hardship.

–ĖHarold Klemp, Our Spiritual Wake-Up Calls, p. 156

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