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Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?

     About halfway home he happened to glance at the gas gauge. Uh-oh–the needle was on empty. He had forgotten to check it before he left home. Now he started to worry. He still had about thirty miles to go on the dark, deserted road. What if he ran out of gas before he got home?

     I know what I can do, he thought. I'll sing HU!

     What was the purpose in singing HU? To give him enough gas to get home, of course. The empty tank was his own oversight, but why go through any inconvenience if he didn't have to?

     Over and over he sang HU, trying to maintain high hopes that the ECK would get him out of this fix. If he just kept singing HU, maybe he could make it all the way home.

     Suddenly an inner voice broke through, interrupting his thoughts. It said, "Do you want gas or God?"

     We often sing HU when we are in trouble, but that should never overshadow its true function. It isn't meant to fill gas tanks, heal broken bones, or get us an A on a test we haven't studied for.

     We should never lose sight of the fact that HU is the holy name of God. Its purpose is to draw us closer, in our state of consciousness, to the Divine Being.

     "OK, I understand," Larry said out loud. Once he got the point, he was able to totally surrender to the situation he had set in motion, and realize that even if he ran out of gas, the problem was not insurmountable.

––Harold Klemp, HU The Most Beautiful Prayer, pp. 33-34

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