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How Love Conquers Fear

     What is life all about? I would have to say it's about fear and how to overcome it.

     You have a job, you're afraid of losing your job. You have health, and you're afraid of losing it. Your child is sick, and you're afraid your child won't get any better. Will you have enough to feed your family? These are all fears. The experience in this world seems to be total fear.

     When fear is a dominant player in your life, it steals the joy and freedom of living...

     Yet occasionally there come these little beams of light, sunshine shining into our lives. And this is the love of God. When we can fill ourselves with this love of God more and more, finally there is no room in our heart for the darkness of fear.

––Harold Klemp, Spiritual Wisdom on Conquering Fear, pp. 1-3

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